i have shared with you about my depression and how it makes it tough to go to work and keep a job. i have also shared that i am now working TWO jobs while also learning to manage my energy so i don’t wear myself out!

Recently I found my self in a Financial situation which left me with two options. 1.) spend less or 2.) make more money. the answer was simple, i had to get another job. The money I’m spending is necessary and not optional to cut down on so.. i had to go with option 2.

I went online and started applying for jobs, my sister the told me about a diner that was hiring and i figured.. why not try it??

I have always been the type to say .. “ew .. people” (and yes i have a shirt that says exactly that.) i have never really been a people person i am very shy but also i found people annoying. So, I never thought i would be applying for a job as a waitress where practically your entire job is based on social interaction.

Shockingly i have come to find that this job… and these social interactions are what i THRIVE on. I Love my job… its weird! i never thought i would care for a job this much but today i have a day off.. and i miss it! how crazy is that! some how i feel like this is the job i have always needed in my life. i think it is helping my depression. Customers like to have conversations and are usually very grateful for your effort. Beyond this i have found that my co-workers are willing to jump in and help each other out, really using team-work while also being able to joke around and have fun!

I never would have seen myself doing this job before, life is funny that way.. sometimes the things we least expect to make a difference are the most impactful moments of our lives. not only has this job made me more confident, its helped me grow as a person.. learning new skills and facing fears. making conversation all day long! its getting so much easier to make small talk in daily life now too! maybe there is something you have been fearing or thought theirs no point in even trying because you decided the result would be awful before even trying it.. and maybe you should re-consider! who knows what opportunities you could be having if you took a risk and tried! whats the worst that could happen?? you get fired… well… go find another job!

I made this video a couple months ago! its funny that one of my goals was to work on making small talk.. and now its my job to do that! watch the video for some more ideas and thoughts on this topic!

and hey! take a risk! trust yourself!

Published by LeannaJenkins

20 something trying to live my best life! passionate about helping others and sharing honestly about my own experiences!

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