Credit to mom- who brought this to my attention in the first place!

OK so, currently i am stressing because our house is a disaster as we prepare to move very shortly. SO! i thought i would take some time to talk about something i have wanted to share for a while! because doggos always make things better!

my family has two dogs! we have a four year old rescue from Mexico named snickers, and a crazy chocolate lab who recently turned one named coco.

since this is about them and how much i adore them in my life i will share a bit about there personalities as well!

Snickers is a prince, he gets fed by hand when he is stressed, he prances around the house and hops like a bunny when he is outside! he is not fond of company and wont trust easily. He enjoys sleeping all the time. he stays near his family and loves not being in the same area as the coco-monster. (they truly are like siblings!)

Coco on the other hand is absolutely wild! she will eat absolutely everything down to tissue so we have to constantly watch her! she has NEVER ENDING energy! (no seriously..) to put it into perspective for you, we took her to doggy day camp.. two days in a row .. so a total of 16 hour of running around and playing on ACRES of land and yet when we picked her up we were told that the workers weren’t able to tire her out. she also has an UN-natural strength- we estimate she has a pulling power of about 300 pounds. so yea, i refuse to hold the leash.. she is a full on goof and LOVES everyone!

The two of them together can be funny but mostly very annoying, they bark at each other and steal each others bones just because they can. so … how have these crazy animals taught me anything???

WELL let me tell you!

They remind me to be Mindful! do you ever watch your dog, as they sit there intensely focused on the squirrel outside or sniffing the air. they are SO focused! i Love watching these moments and reminding myself to be aware of everything and appreciate it.

They know there limits! they sleep when they are tired! and they eat when they are hungry! its easy to get caught up in our daily routines and forget about taking care of ourselves! our dogs are pros at napping when needed. (which is all the time..)

Make it work! dogs are such neat animals, they take on hurdles and learn how to adapt. I’m sure you have heard of the dog that lost one of its legs and had to learn to walk again, well that dog didn’t just adapt but it also doesn’t worry what the other dogs are going to think because they are “different” and that is my favorite lessons from dogs. Be You!

Tell your loved ones you appreciate them! every single time i walk through the front door the dogs are there wagging there tail so excited they can’t contain it! even if i left for 5 minutes to run to a store or take out the garbage! they just love to tell us how happy they are to see us again wen we get home! how awesome is that! if only humans told each other more often how much they cared for each other.

Find Joy in your day! i often feel sorry for our dogs, they kinda get forgotten as we get busy going to work and meeting friends. Most of there lives are spent inside the house, usually on there own. BUT they still find joy in there lives, they play with there toys, they chase flies and they beg for treats! they don’t let a boring day stop them from living happily.

Stand up for yourself! this one is SO HARD! This is one of my biggest battles! i Do everything possible to avoid upsetting others- no matter what. for dogs, they make it very clear! they stand up for themselves! they snarl or growl and run away.. they don’t let that crazy coco-monster jump all over them all day because there worried about upsetting her.

OF course! for dogs its easier then for us! humans have the abilty to judge and the awareness to be self conscious! we also have battles with mental illness such as depression and..huge variety of emotions and responses to emotions! although we are very different species.. i still think these lessons are worth some thought! i know for me, they are small reminders everyday to focus on the positive.. and the best part, is hanging out with the doggies!

if you have a dog… go spend time with them! be mindful! and maybe learn some new lessons! or… just enjoy the smiles they bring to your face!

Published by LeannaJenkins

20 something trying to live my best life! passionate about helping others and sharing honestly about my own experiences!

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