Dating while depressed

Dating with a mental illness can be challenging at times. Of course it is hard and for some people it can put a strain on the relationship, but it is possible.

I was in a long term relationship, me and my partner had our individual struggles with mental illness but it never came between us. We were able to support each other while happily dating. Many people think that if you struggle with a mental illness that dating is not a good idea, but it really depends on the people!

For me the relationship I was in gave me a safety net, it helped me learn and grow while being loved. I learned that I could be loved and that I was not alone. I could share my deepest darkest secrets and not feel judged. For some people a relationship can be empowering and positive!

For some people they need to really focus on themselves and being in a relationship takes focus away. For others they tend to rely to much on there partner which can cause stress in the relationship.

I am now single, why? Well things were going good! But my depression got to a point where it was consuming all of me and I knew I had to put the focus on my health. Me and my partner were always very open and valued trust so we openly talked about this and I got a very supportive response! We decided to take time apart and that we could still live together and be best friends but that we wouldn’t define it as a relationship so there was no stress added when I felt the need to take time for myself.

I think it is important for individuals to know themselves and understand what is best for them. It can be really tough managing a relationship and an illness! As well as it can be hard to battle depression if you don’t feel you have someone by your side!

Try to figure out what helps you! The answers aren’t always black & white! Maybe for you the best solution is being in a relationship and having an understanding between you that if you may need to take time to focus on yourself! You don’t have to break up or stay together! Find the solution that works best for you!

Do you feel safe and supported in your relationship?

  • Are you able to take time for yourself while also focusing time towards a relationship?
  • Do you have the proper supports in place to help you cope (therapy, psychiatrist etc.)
  • Is your environment positive or toxic to your recovery?
  • If you are in a relationship, are you truly happy? Do you feel an attachment to the person and your afraid to lose them?
  • Can you have an honest discussion with your partner about your battles and what they may be able to do to support you.

Take your time! Prioritize your health! And try not to get caught up in dangerous situations where you feel you have no Choice in the situation! ( some partners may make threats that if you leave they will kill themselves! This may be a genuine concern! But please reach out for help!)

Talk soon!


Published by LeannaJenkins

20 something trying to live my best life! passionate about helping others and sharing honestly about my own experiences!

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