Suicide Prevention

September 10th is National suicide Prevention day.

Suicide is one of the top 10 leading cause of death and rising! there are lots of myths and incorrect information out there regarding suicide. So lets talk about it!

There are common and very well known signs that someone may be depressed or even suicidal such as :

  • withdrawing from friends/family
  • acting out or giving away personal items
  • talking about death and suicide

BUT there are many different signs depending on the person and how they cope with there feelings! some people actually mask there sadness with the persona of being the happy bubbly friend to everyone. why? for some people it is a way of disconnecting and distancing people from having emotional attachments with them. This can be a definite warning sign as this may mean they have made a plan and are going to act on it and will do everything in there power to keep people from questioning there emotional state out of fear it will stop them from being able to act.

Suicide can be often described as “SELFISH” which is a terrible misconception! people who are suicidal are not only thinking selflessly but are also not thinking rationally, often the thoughts they have are something similar to this:

  • everyone would be better off without me
  • I make everything worse
  • I am a Burden

People sometimes think that suicide is someone trying to take the “easy” way out and purposely hurt everyone who cares for them … but my goodness if suicide was the easy way out of things we would have an endless problem with it! its No where close to “easy” most people considering suicide in fact don’t want to act on it they don’t WANT to die but they have an overwhelming sense of being trapped and the only answer being suicide!

this is why we need to Talk about it! spread awareness and let people know that they are NOT alone! and in fact there are other answers!

So how can you start to help??

  • Talk about it! you don’t have to share personal details or information but even posting that you are supportive of those who struggle can be a start!
  • share resources! put in your bio a crisis number or site that could help someone!
  • educate yourself on some ways to support someone who you think may be struggling! what can you say or do? how do you approach the topic?
  • start the conversation! try talking about it with friends and family! you can help share your knowledge on the subject.
  • REACH OUT! yes it can be awkward and scary to talk to someone you suspect may be struggling, but i always think of it as .. i would rather reach out then find out they passed away!

Remember .. we are talking about SAVING LIVES.

you can also watch my video!


Call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room

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20 something trying to live my best life! passionate about helping others and sharing honestly about my own experiences!

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