in today’s world we are haunted by social media.. yes it can be an amazing tool but it also exposes peoples lives. the problem with social media is that, well most of us share the happy moments or our best moments and we forget to share the reality. what goes on behind the scenes? that girl that you went to high school with.. you know, the one who is engaged and has a successful career.. she must be living the best life ever, right? wrong. that girl can appear to be amazing and compared to you she may be way ahead.. but do you know what her upbringing was like? what kind of support she did or did not have? do you know what deep dark secrets she is hiding? or the pain she may be holding onto? someone looking happy doesn’t mean that they are. its easy to get caught up and compare our selves with others.. but we forget to look beyond that. they are showing us what they want us to see. think about your social media.. what do you share? have you shared a picture when you appeared to be doing amazing but weren’t feeling anything close to amazing? a good friend once sent me a quote about this. it talked about how we all are meant to take different paths and go at our own pace. i believe that the path i am on is the correct one for me. i have not completed my education, instead i am investing in myself as much money, time and effort as it takes to feel and cope better in life. i could have pushed through school but i only would have made it so far and it wouldn’t have been a good experience. I’m not alone, many people i have met in my age range struggle with mental health and have also had to take time away from there education and have had some serious wake up calls when they tried to push through.

if you are feeling behind in life..

Remind yourself of where you are and where you want to go.. you have to figure out how you will dodge the road blocks while also not driving past the gas stations and forgetting to check in with yourself.

what do i mean by this?

for me my path is leading me to completing my education so i can reach my goal and passion of helping others.. but how will i get there?

my road blocks are things like..

  • Needing money for tuition. which means working hard and saving well.
  • Handling stress, anxiety and depression effectively.
  • managing energy and planning ahead
  • figuring out what will help me when I’m struggling either in my education or in my daily life.

So… what are the Gas Stations?

Gas stations are the ways you can help yourself dodge those roadblocks

  • in order to have money I need to work, i need to plan out how much money i need and how i can reach that amount.
    • How much are my bills, debt and fees going to affect this?
    • how many hours and at what wage?
    • plan ahead for emergency and unexpected costs!
  • in order to handle my mental and emotional well-being i need to have a kit of coping options that i know will help
    • having a therapist that connects with you
    • learning coping skills and using them effectively
    • practicing coping and learning what helps most
    • putting these skills to use on a daily basis even for “small” situations.
  • I don’t want to wear myself out! ( i have a really difficult time with this! i usually end up feeling like i am a car on 0 gas that just keeps driving past the gas station, which is where this idea comes from.)
    • I can learn to plan ahead and manage my time!
    • practice not procrastinating
    • getting enough rest and sleep! and knowing your limits!
  • knowing what helps and what doesn’t..
    • this requires trial and error.. weather its with skills and distractions or changing your diet and managing your sleeping routines to ensure the best you!

You are an Athlete in Training. – Mom

You may like this metaphor better! the idea for me is :

I am an athlete and the Olympics is being back in school, in order to perform well i need good coaches. my coaches consist of :

  • Family Support
  • Therapy
  • My psychiatrist
  • Supportive friends
  • Work
  • Challenging situations

Think of Your big goal. what will get you there? and how will you handle obstacles.

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20 something trying to live my best life! passionate about helping others and sharing honestly about my own experiences!

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